Nebojsa “Nebo” Jokic is a visual wizard, showing a great deal of variety in various styles of filmmaking with a cinematic approach across commercials, corporate, music videos and documentary. Originally from Germany with ancestors from Serbia, Director (Master Degree) Nebojsa Jokic shares the best of both worlds – German precision combined with the Balkan spirit of spontaneity, which is reflecting throughout all of his work.

He brings projects to life with his poetic mastery, knowledge and style. An Artisan who is always pushing past what he has done before.

The philosophy of Diverse Films is simple: “There is always a way.” That is why we receive every problem as a challenge, determined to get the Job done and exceeding the Clients expectations.

Our focus is on enhancing the emotional impact of your product. From the initial idea to the finished film, we produce TV and cinema commercials , as well as corporate, image films and music videos.

Using multifaceted methods of working, we execute our projects on a progressive level using experience, technical knowledge and our well established network. inter-disciplinary methods of working, we implement our projects on a cutting-edge level by employing experience, technical knowhow.

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